A Love Letter to Our Industry

You made us believe there might be
an athlete in everyone

You were the voice of a new generation
And you taught the world to sing

You told us to think different
What real beauty is
And to stop saying throw like a girl

You taught us sick kids weren’t weak
That girls could be fearless
And a car could be imported from Detroit

Then we got lost and confused
6 seconds at a time
Making things cheaper, faster and
then even cheaper

We’ve fallen in love with green bars
in research results
Clicks, clicks and more clicks

Micro targeting until we were so small
we disappeared from their hearts

We focused on making fake numbers
that distract from making people care
Lost in a fog of buzzwords,
catch phrases and false promises

But we know what we can be
That impossible is nothing
We know what beautiful minds
can make
We know what it feels like

We were told to dream crazy
and it’s about time we did

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